Winter Mountain Safety Lectures

Every year, on Tuesday nights through the month of February, you’ll find a gathering of climbers, skiers and hill-goers gathered in the Boots Bar at the Clachaig Inn, right in the heart of Glencoe. The series of Clachaig Winter Mountain Safety Lectures has run  every year since 1985, and is intended to provide a last minute reminder of some of the preparations and skills to have to hand before venturing into the Scottish winter hills.

The lectures were initially set up by then Landlord Peter Daynes in conjunction with Andy Fanshawe who was National Officer at the BMC. It was seen as an important measure to try and improve mountain safety, especially as many people were arriving in the glen having travelled long distances. Keen to go out come what may, and without any immediate knowledge of local conditions (no social media back then!), the lectures were a great way to get key messages across. One of the underlying principles was that they must be delivered free at the point of delivery.

supporting Mountain Safety

In 2014 we decided to move things up a notch or two, and with the aid of lecture sponsorship and the donation of prizes from a wide variety of businesses and supporters we are now able to support mountain safety beyond simply providing the lecture series. Since 1985 the Winter Mountain Safety Lectures continue to be delivered FREE of charge, providing a hugely valuable resource to mountaineers staying in the area during the peak winter season. In addition, donated raffle prizes have also allowed for the Big Winter Raffle, with a target of £2000 each winter being raised for mountain rescue and mountain safety initiatives.

2014 BWR£2624 raised – proceeds split between Glencoe MRT and Avalanche Transceiver Park
2015 BWR£2335 raised – proceeds split between Glencoe MRT and Avalanche Transceiver Park
2016 BWR£1210 raised – proceeds to Glencoe MRT
2017 BWR & Yard Sale£2010.60 raised – proceeds to local villages public access defibrillator fund
2018 BWR & Brewers Night – £2627.62 raised- proceeds to Glencoe MRT
2019 BWR – £2379.40 raised – proceeds to Glencoe MRT

Over the last 6 years, the Big Winter Raffle has raised £13051.62 for a variety of causes: for the Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team and to set up the Glencoe Mountain Avalanche Transceiver Park, and the local villages public access defibrillators fund.

Clachaig’s Winter Mountain Safety Lectures will be back on Tuesday evenings through February 2020.

The 2020 Series - 35 Years of Safety Lectures