Fundraising for Glencoe Mountain Rescue

To support the Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team, you can simply donate directly by post to:

Glencoe Mountain Rescue
The Rescue Centre
Glencoe PH49 4HP

However, if you ever shop online, you can now donate on an ongoing basis, without it costing you a penny. The scheme is provided by EasyFundRaising, and is administered by Clachaig Inn. Further details of how this works, including a FAQ section can be found on the EasyFundRaising site. To summarise; this is an online shopping scheme whereby the retailer pays a commission to your nominated cause when you make a purchase. Currently over 2000 retailers participate, with the level of commission varying from retailer to retailer.

Since we started the EasyFundRaising for the Glencoe Mountain Rescue team we have raised £1056.22 as of 10th November 2017

So how does it work?

First you need to register with EasyFundRaising It takes just a few seconds and it’s free. All you are asked for is your chosen cause (hopefully Glencoe Mountain Rescue), your name, and your email address. That’s all. No address, bank or card details are asked for, nor any other personal information. After that, every time you plan to shop online, login and access your retailer’s site through EasyFundRaising, and you will be helping to donate vital funds to the Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team at no cost to yourself.

Glencoe Mountain Rescue working in difficult conditions

Who participates, and how much will they donate?

Retailers, commissions and donations vary considerably, but examples include the following: Amazon (2.5%), Argos (0.75%), Blacks (3%), Craghoppers (3.5%), Expedia (0.5%), Marks & Spencer (5%), Next (1%), and Tiso (4.5%).

How does Glencoe Mountain Rescue benefit?

Every time you shop using this service, you’ll be generating funds for the team or your chosen cause. This is then paid directly by EasyFundRaising to Glencoe Mountain Rescue every three months.

Is it private?

Absolutely. Clachaig Inn, as the Administrator of the scheme, can see the total number of supporters and funds raised to date. That’s it. We cannot see who has joined.

So what’s the catch?

It requires folks to sign up and use the service. But remember it’s free and requires only a minute or two of your time.

How else can I help?

If the scheme is to make a meaningful contribution to Glencoe Mountain Rescue, then it needs lots of supporters. As the saying goes; “the more the merrier”, and the greater the chance of making an impact. If you are happy to do so, then I’d ask that you pass on these details to others. No one is suggesting you “spam” every one of your work colleagues, or worse, but if you have friends or family who enjoy the hills, then perhaps they might be able to help.

I’m still not sure. How do I find out more?

The EasyfundRaising site has a pretty comprehensive FAQ section. Alternatively, feel free to contact Clachaig Inn and we will do our best to answer any questions or concerns.

To summarise

If you shop online, and the retailer(s) participate in the scheme but your not registered, then we simply ask that you give serious consideration to joining and helping your chosen cause. Remember, it’s quick, easy to use, and costs nothing.

So what now?

That’s entirely up to you. But as a suggestion, light the fire, chase the kids to bed, relax, pour a dram, and go do your shopping from the comfort of home. It might be Christmas shopping, booking the summer holiday, or buying a few tools for that next DIY job you’ve been planning for ages. No stress, no hassle, and take some comfort that whilst your credit card might be taking a hit, at least you’re raising some much needed funds for your favourite cause. Don’t forget, whilst you’re sat there enjoying a whisky in front of a roaring fire, those folks on the Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team could be out there in the dead of night, battling gales and driving rain, trying to help someone. And they still have to get up for work the next day!

EasyFundRaising for the Glencoe MRT