Clachaig’s rich history

Clachaig has been around for a very long time. That much we know. Anecdotal tales keeping popping up detailing the many associations with Clachaig over the years. So, we thought that it was about time we documented some of the detail.

For starters, here’s what was happening at Clachaig over 100 years ago.

Clachaig has long since claimed to be at the heart of Scottish mountaineering and here’s a little evidence to support that claim. If you can read the names you soon see that its a veritable who’s who of gentlemen climbers of a time gone by. Collie, Munro, Naismith, Slingsby, Glover… just some of the many names associated with the pioneering routes made in Glencoe.


Further back still, we came across an entry in the District of Glencoe & Appin Marriage Register. On 13th August 1866 Malcolm McIntyre, a fox hunter from Auchtreachtan (presumably Achtriochtan – the farm just up the glen from Clachaig) married Janet Maclennan, an innkeeper at Clachaig.

The inn also gets a mention in the Register of Births. Two years previous to this, on 17th February 1864, Janet Maclennan gave birth to Duncanina at Clachaig.

So there’s 143 years of history already!

Clachaig Commando

Glencoe Holidays circa 1938

Motorbike Tour - 1948

Donald MacPhee - Clachaig in 1920

The Grand Tour - September 1937

The Clachaig Alumni - 1920