Raising Funds for Mountain Safety

With formal sponsorship of the Winter Mountain Safety Lectures at Clachaig Inn the Big Winter Raffle was launched. In addition to raising funds for Glencoe Mountain Rescue, there was also a desire to provide funds for locally based training with a mountain safety theme.

4th-Jan-Group-PicAfter the extreme snows the 2014 winter, it became apparent that the existing Avalanche Transceiver training park at Glencoe Mountain was defunct, and with no suggestion of further funding a tremendous asset to the Glencoe area would be lost. The complete refurbishment of the facility with a new wireless system was established as the goal for funding for the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

A donation of £1312, being 50% of the funds raised through the 2014 Big Winter Raffle has enabled the Glencoe Tranceiver Park to be upgraded to a fully wireless system for the 2015 winter season.

The Big Winter Raffle through February 2015 raised a further £2335 with 50% of these proceeds being donated to the park. This donation paid off the balance of the capital cost of setting up the park, and also allowed for further spend on the associated infrastructure.

See our Blog for more from the 2014 Big Winter Raffle, and photos from the big prize draw.