Octoberfest 2018

Octoberfest has grown from humble beginnings to become a firmly established part of the annual calendar here in Glencoe. Originally very much a beer festival, Octoberfest is now a wider celebration of this lovely time of year in one of Scotland’s most spectacular Highland glens.

Octoberfest 2018

Good Beer, Hearty Food, Great Craic

The basic principles of good beer, hearty food and great craic have been drawing folk to Clachaig for decades, and during Octoberfest you can expect to see us re-visit these staples of life at Clachaig.

With 15 cask ale lines and 8 craft beer lines the choice of ales, stouts, lagers and ciders promises to deliver something for everyone and every taste. We’ll have a few old favourites, but we’ll also be featuring some new and seasonal brews too.

With so many choices, why not try one of our beer flights. You can still buy a ‘pint’ but split into 1/3 glasses, so you can try 3 instead of just the one.

And as it’s Octoberfest, and as you may well find your favourite tipple, you can also opt for one of our 2 pint steins. Less visits to the bar! (* small deposit required!)

 What’s on?

The full programme will be added to throughout 2018.

Too much beer and food is nought without plenty of fresh air too. The colours in the glen during October can be spectacular. Get out and go and see them! Whether it’s a brisk walk in the woods in some crisp autumn air, or something a little more energetic, Octoberfest is about getting out and about before the onset of winter and enjoying all that Mother Nature has provided.

Meanwhile, back at Clachaig, there’s not just a warm fire and plenty to eat and drink waiting for you after your day spent exploring. Coming during Octoberfest we have:

  • Live Music – every Saturday, but with some other nights too
  • Open Music Sessions – join in, or simply enjoy the atmosphere
  • Whisky Tasting Masterclass – Jim from Gordon & MacPhail will be here to showcase the Benromach range.
  • Gin Tasting – Zak from Strathearn Distillery will be here to show off their gins.
  • The Clachaig Pub Quiz – ideal for Eggheads, or simply some Monday night fun
  • Pumpkin Carving – Decorate the bars for Hallowe’en by carving your own
  • Fancy Dress – End Octoberfest in a ghoulish style

See the day by day listings for events at Clachaig and throughout the local area.

Octoberfest Accommodation Special Offers

We do our best to encourage you to stay and enjoy the glen for longer with our special offers based on both B&B, or Dinner B&B packages, which offer some tremendous value for money. See our Accommodation Special Offers for more details.

At a glance

  • From: 12th October 2018 06:00 pm
  • To: 27th October 2018 11:59 pm
  • At: Clachaig Inn

Want To Add An Event?

Send us the details and we will gladly include your event on our whats on pages.

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