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Mad Ferret - musicians

Mad Ferret are the premier Scots / Irish folk duo that are guaranteed to rile a crowd and energize a room. For the past three years they have been performing their original blend of traditional and contemporary folk music, and have entertained crowds the length and breadth of Scotland.

Their lively, energetic performances are packed with technical mandolin work, tight harmonies, driving cajon beats and massive guitar sounds – then decorated with whistle and mouth organ. Mad Ferret set themself apart from other bands by mixing extremely tight, technical performances with a driving knowledge and passion for Scottish and Irish folk music.

Crowds both young and old are drawn to the fast-paced, hard-hitting sets, where foot-stomping and hand-clapping are guaranteed ensue! Definitely not to be missed, they are the only band that is – Mad Ferret!

At a glance

  • From: 9th June 2018 09:00 pm
  • To: 9th June 2018 11:30 pm
  • At: Clachaig Inn - Boots Bar

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