Over the years we seem to gather a fair few nick nacks. Quite often we’ll carry out a refurbishment and give things a fresh look, but decide that the old look was perfectly good and far too good to throw away. But it comes to a point where the office door will no longer open because of the amount of accumulated goodies that we just don’t have a home for.

The answer quite simply is that it’s time for a clear out. And rather than add to landfill or have a big bonfire, we’re passing on the opportunity to acquire a little bit of Clachaig (and Grog & Gruel) memorabilia. Welcome to the Clachaig Yard Sale.

And whilst it would be quite nice to use the funds raised to pay for the next refurbishment, we’re going to add the proceeds to mountain safety initiatives.

How it works.

Browse our gallery below. If you like what you see make us an offer – your best shot. We’ll consider all the offers that come in and contact the bidder shortly after to confirm whether their bid has been successful or not. And we will arrange a time to collect the item if a successful bid has been made. Some of the smaller items maybe able to be posted but some items are to large and heavy to post. If you wish to have an item posted please let us know and we can get a price for postage.

Send your best offer to inn@clachaig.com with the subject ‘yard sale’. Please ask any questions before you submit your offer.

We reserve the right to sell any item before the conclusion of the sale in return for a ridiculously attractive bid, or do with as we so please. C’est la vie.